Team Spotlight: Chip Heyser

John E Heyser Jr. "Chip"A new series we’re starting here at Strobert Tree spotlights our fantastic team members who are responsible for delivering our clients in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland the absolute best service. This new series asks team members a series of questions so you can get to know the men and women who ensure you’re fully satisfied with the tree care services we perform on your property.

First up on the hot seat is Chip Heyser, ISA Certified Arborist here at Strobert Tree. See what Chip had to say below!

1. What are you listening to these days?

Old classic rock on vinyl!  I got a blue tooth turntable as a gift recently.  We had found some old albums cleaning up.  Hooked it up to the new set up in the basement and we were off.  ITs been fun listening to the old albums with the ticks and clicks.  And having to get up to flip an album to hear the B side.  Something we are not used to anymore.

2. Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why? Continue reading

single tree in field

8 Tree Care Services You Should Know About

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner in need of some common tree care services, we hope you’ve never experienced what it’s like to choose the wrong company to perform the job. No one wants to wind up with topped trees, dying trees and shrubs, or damaged property.

This is why it’s important to hire licensed and insured tree care experts. Strobert Tree Services have been proudly serving Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania residents for over 19 years with our state-of-the-art equipment. This has lead to thousands of satisfied customers and our A+ Better Business Bureau rating, which we’re quite proud of!

Most reputable tree care companies offer something like this list of services: Continue reading

5 Reasons Your Evergreens are Turning Brown this Winter

brown-pine-needlesEven though we’ve been blessed with a pretty mild winter so far in 2017, living in the Northeast means everything can change rapidly. Before you know it we’re buried underneath several feet of snow and wondering where the nice 40-50 degree weather went.

This time of year we typically experience dozens of phone calls from people who wonder why their beloved evergreen has started to turn brown. Don’t worry – in most cases, you will be able to save the tree.

So, if your evergreen is turning brown and causing you worry, look below to see if any of these issues might be the cause. Continue reading

Stop Topping Those Trees!

a topped treeOne of the most harmful tree pruning practices, tree topping, is still a common practice. Unfortunately, we at Strobert Tree Services see examples of topping almost daily. Our reaction is to educate anyone who will listen about what tree topping is and why it is so harmful to your trees, in an effort to end this unacceptable pruning practice once and for all.

What is tree topping?

To reduce the size of a tree, the inexperienced landscaper will often turn to tree topping to achieve a size reduction. Tree topping is a pruning method in which the top of the tree is actually cut off, creating a lateral line of branches or stubs.

What is wrong with tree topping?

We could write an entire book on the subject, but here are just a few of the many reasons tree topping needs to go away: Continue reading

Winterize Your Trees in 6 Simple Steps

tree covered in snowOne of the best ways to prevent winter damage to your home is to properly maintain the trees throughout your landscape. Winter storms bring high winds, heavy wet snow, and thick ice, making large limbs extremely hazardous to surrounding property.

Fall is an important time to prepare for winter storms. Fall pruning will not only help protect your home from damage, but will also promote overall health.

We’ve put together a list of six things to consider when winterizing your trees that might save an unhappy phone call to your homeowner’s insurance:
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apple tree being pruned

A Guide to Tree Pruning

One of the secrets to keeping your trees healthy is regular, proper pruning. Improper pruning can not only reduce the aesthetic appeal of a tree, but can also lead to rapid decline and sometimes even failure. As the tri-state area’s premier tree service company, we often see the effects of poor pruning and are sometimes called upon to help.

In order to help you save time, money, and frustration, we thought we would put together a quick guide on the proper ways to prune. Fall is a great time for pruning because, when done properly, it will improve the overall health of your tree going into winter. Continue reading

Strobert Tree Services Has Gone Social

logoIn order to better connect with you, our customer, Strobert Tree Services is now officially everywhere! Well, almost – we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. We plan to keep these pages current with weekly updates, so be sure to stop by and say hi.

On top of all that, we’re introducing the blog you’re now reading!

Here’s where you can find us on social media: Continue reading